1. Find courage

I’ve worked with lots of people who have a fantastic idea to make a charity project happen, but just don’t quite have the courage to turn the idea into a reality.

I’ve been there myself and know It can be really hard to begin to make an action plan and look for funding to make a project happen – it can be terrifying.

I know I’ve been scared of what people will think, I’ve been scared of whether I have the skills and abilities to make it happen, I’ve been scared it will be overwhelming for me and I’ve been scared I would never find the funding.

In reality, when I’ve got over the ‘fear factor’ and negative view on funding opportunities, the charity projects I have been involved in I have loved. They have been hard work and challenging and I have had to be very creative when it has come to funding issues. The results however, have been brilliant and I have walked away with that great feeling of knowing I have made a difference to the lives of others.

My top tips to get over the ‘fear factor’ and the negative view on funding opportunities is to find the courage to make the idea happen by:

  1.  Telling others about the idea
  2.  Admitting to yourself and others if the ‘fear factor’ is holding you back
  3.  Being around friends who are supportive and encouraging 

By doing this, you may be surprised who else has great ideas for charity projects, you may find others who would love to help you with it, and your supportive and encouraging friends will be a great support in helping you to overcome project challenges.



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