Co-ordinated a Christmas Day shelter for homeless people

I had an idea to develop a Christmas day shelter for homeless and vulnerable people in Southampton. I recruited over 100 volunteers and between us we hosted 80 guests each day at the Christmas Day shelter. It was fantastic fun with vulnerable people feeling able to enjoy and celebrate Christmas through sharing food, Christmas movies and tins of chocolate! I set up the project 5 years ago – and it still runs every year now.

Made ideas happen

I spent 4 months working with people who had ideas of projects that could impact our community. I coached them and supported them to plan and develop the projects and gain insight into their own ways of working.

Designed videos for a staff awards ceremony

Working with a large charity I helped to coordinate an awards ceremony to celebrate the work of the staff team. I created videos using words, images and music which described nominees and were presented at the ceremony. People loved them, there were tears in the audience and I was told by a trustee that the videos were ‘Simply beautiful’.

Helped service-users to have their say

I helped a charity to find out from service-users what they thought of the support they were receiving. I used methods including text messaging and a free-phone number. The project was overwhelmingly successful with a total of 27% of service-users taking part – which meant over 600 comments to analyse!

Lived in a therapeutic community

As a teenager I lived in a therapeutic community. Living in a therapeutic community is all about being involved and sharing responsibility for keeping the community running. I have shared my experiences to support charities to enable service-users to become more involved in the support they receive.

Supported people with drug addiction

I worked for a drug treatment agency supporting people who were experiencing drug addiction. It was vital that I worked in partnership with service-users and that we worked together to figure out treatment pathways. I was always helping service-users to be involved in their treatment but also enabling them to get involved in the bigger picture of the overall treatment delivered by the agency.

Managed a fundraising department

I worked with a charity to manage a fundraising department, which involved writing both statutory and trust/foundations bids for grants. I always exceeded the fundraising targets set out for me and learnt how to make an application stand out from the crowd to enable success.

Coordinated fundraising events

I have been involved in coordinating fundraising events, including a large music festival. I love doing this and enjoy planning and getting involved in every aspect of turning vision into reality and raising money from the process.

Trained small charities to fundraise

I ran a fundraising training course for small charities which was great fun, a pleasure to deliver and resulted in feedback which was 100% excellent on all counts!

Written annual reports

I have regularly written annual reports as well as impact reports that have been sent far and wide on behalf of charities. I enjoy doing this because I know how important it is that people know the amazing work that charities do.

Helped small charities market themselves

I have worked with small charities on marketing issues, including the key issue of how to get their name out there. It can be challenging, but I’ve always been able to offer creative ideas and suggestions so that charities can get the support they need.

Delivered presentations on charities

I have presented aims, objectives and plans on behalf of charities at networking events. This has always been a positive experience with more people understanding and supporting the charities I represent.

Reviewed a service for people with mental health problems

I reviewed a service which supported people with mental health problems. Working with the charity I supported staff and service users to express some of the great successes of the service that had never been recorded. This information become the key element of bids that were submitted to councils and funders to gain grants.

Worked with an Art Gallery to measure impact

I am working with an Art Gallery to help to measure the personal impact that the gallery has on peoples lives. Watch this space in terms of how this pans out, but it is very exciting to be able to measure some soft outcomes that will prove useful in funding applications.

Analysed a pilot study on service-user engagement

I analysed a pilot study focused on service-user engagement which resulted in evidence of its success. The evidence included both qualitative and quantitative data making the success of the pilot very clear. As a result the pilot became a core service due to being able to access funding based on the evidence of its success.

Recommended improvements to recruitment processes

I have helped to improve departments within charities including a recruitment department. I have offered thoughts, suggestions and ideas and helped with implementation. Improvements have resulted in saving money and increasing the sustainability of charities.

Supported a small charity to become more sustainable

I have worked with charities on issues of sustainability including exploring partnerships, looking at financial outlooks and the extent of charities’ impact. I have helped charities to sometimes make difficult decisions that are right for the long term, but tough in the immediate term.

Supported Senior Management to make improvements to charities

I regularly support Senior Management Teams to make improvements to charities through offering creative ideas, insights and fresh pair of eyes on issues. Senior Management Teams have said many of my ideas they would never have even thought of, let alone be able to think through how to implement them. One Senior Manager said to me that she liked working with me because I stretched her thinking.