I can either make things happen for you, or support you and your staff team to make things happen.

If I do things for you and your staff team, I’ll be managing, co-ordinating and/or delivering. If I support you and your staff team, I’ll be mentoring, coaching, supervising, training or facilitating.

The choice is yours, I love doing both!


  • Hosting away days
  • Arranging conferences
  • Facilitating staff awards


  • Delivering consultation events
  • Helping service users to become more involved
  • Developing co-production approaches


  • Applying for grants
  • Writing statutory funding applications
  • Coordinating gifts in-kind
  • Encouraging supporters to donate
  • Coordinating events


  • Designing websites
  • Writing newsletters
  • Writing impact reports
  • Developing a Social Media strategy
  • Representing charities at networking events


  • Measuring charities' added value
  • Measuring soft outcomes
  • Measuring hard outcomes
  • Measuring impact


  • Helping charities to become more efficient
  • Helping charities to become more sustainable
  • Increasing charities' impact
  • Developing an improvement strategy