“Debs Carter designed and delivered a fundraising course that was completely spot on for our group. The course was very well put together which helped the learners engage in the subject with ease, dispelling fears that the subject area would be difficult and hard to engage with. She facilitated the group excellently – drawing out learning from each to help each other. The course was a very high standard and engaging, and each were given helpful tools to take away and continue their learning. It met all of the objectives. I could not recommend her highly enough.”

Suzanne Baker, Community Development, Seedbed

“At the time Debra offered her assistance with fundraising we had reached a bit of a dead end in this area of our work. We were short of ideas and therefore reluctant to put much of our precious time into it. But Debra has not only brought ideas and experience, but with her positive, can do attitude she has helped us to re-evaluate our current fundraising strategies and look more widely as to how our vision could be sustained. I look forward to working with Debra more as we can now step out with more confidence in our fundraising efforts.”

Dominic Williams, Frontline Debt Advice

“Working with Debra has been a positive experience and I have found her support to the project incredibly helpful and motivating. Debra has added value to the programme through developing marketing materials, developing key relationships and will soon be adding to the programme materials through her expertise in stress management. Debra is an all rounder in terms of the skills she offers, but those skills and abilities that stand out in her are ability to take the initiative in developing new relationships when she feels passionately about a service and finding new ways of working.

I am delighted to have Debra on the team and look forward to seeing how she leads the development of Ignite CIC in Southampton as I know she has a passion for the mission and is a skilled entrepreneur.”

Kathleen Cronin, Founder and Director of Ignite Leadership

“I spent a day with Debs with the goal of developing a strategy for the direction of my business over the next year. She used a number of creative tools and processes which were incredibly powerful in fostering a deeper level of self-insight into my purpose and career goals. I am always put at ease by Debs' adaptable and fluid style of relating - intuitive and creative yet with sharp, focussed decision making when needed. She applies high levels of integrity to all that she does and her opinion is one I have come to respect and trust.”

Dr Jen Nash, Clinical Psychologist, Positive Diabetes

“Debs worked with a friend on the Christmas Cafe, over a period of 3 months to recruit more than 50 volunteer staff and to market the project to the vulnerable community. The first year the project ran, there was no budget, all food, Christmas gifts and decorations were donated by the community that Debs and her friend inspired and coordinated. The week went incredibly well with between 70 and 90 guests attending the cafe each day and a home from home atmosphere was created and valued by our guests.

Debs was able to create a template for how the cafe could continue to be run and was able to train other members of the church to run the project in the following years. Over the past 5 years the project has gone from strength to strength with more volunteers engaged and more guests served each time."

Billy Kennedy, Team Leader, New Community

“Debs was absolutely fantastic as a coach. She is approachable and friendly which made me feel instantly at ease, and her coaching style allowed me to explore issues for myself while she guided the conversation.

Through the four sessions I had with her, I not only was able to come up with strategies that would help me in my voluntary role (the purpose of the coaching sessions), but that I could also apply to my whole life. The balance between really meaty in-depth topics and lighter more practical tips meant that I was excited to come back each time.

In addition, the sessions made me reflect on what I do and really take a look at my work which gave me the freedom to have similar discussions with other people about expectations and what motivates them. From just four sessions, Debs gave me a wealth of ideas and food for thought that will last me for ages.”

Megan Streb, CSC All Ages Gardening Project Officer at Catch22

"I have found Debra's skills to be really useful in kick-starting and co-ordinating projects. Debra has saved me loads of time and frustration and has really helped set up some really inspiring projects. These range from the development of new methods of assessment and support, through to the setting up of multi-disciplinary projects. A good communicator Debra has always been reliable, friendly and focused."

Mike Taylor, Operations Director, The Society of St James